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DX5 977873 - Route Learning Unit 960014


Current number:
Any other previous number(s):
BR DMU 55022



Moved to Southall Railway Centre - late 2016



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  • 977873

    6 April 2005 - Phil Cotton

    960014 was moved from Aylesbury to the Birmingham Railway Museum on Thursday 24/3/05 for a bogie overhaul and is expected to be returned to Aylesbury in 4 to 5 weeks.

  • 977873

    8 April 2008 - Tosh Williams

    Unit sighted working into Birming NS on Fri 4/4/8 at 12.00.

    Unit is still blue grey but rather fadded now.

  • 977873

    9 April 2008 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Probably working as part of the Wrexham and Shopshire route leaner

  • 977873

    9 April 2008 - barry hellfire

    there was a photo of it on wnxxx. not sure how it [or all of the opts on it] is a withdrawn/stored loco though.

  • 977873

    9 April 2008 - peter Cummings

    Yes, was part of the W&S route learner squad. Seem to recall a comment from Si Bendall elsewhere that all 3 elements ot this route learning exercise involved stock in blue/grey livery.

  • 977873

    10 April 2008 - Dave McGinty

    yeah wnxx wants to get its priorities sorted and leave the otp / dep pics where they belong! ;)

  • 977873

    10 April 2008 - Bill McTavish doesnt really seem to know what it is these days - it started off with good intentions but now its in danger of becoming a jack of all trades and master of none...

  • 977873

    10 April 2008 - sam burke

    its like this site having, say, locos on it lol

  • 977873

    11 April 2008 - kev

    if an item of stock is allocated a departmental number by the RSL then surely it should be of note on this site !

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Southall** *** ****Kev Adlam, Andrew Martin
Southall shed** *** ****Ben Williams
Southall Depot** *** ****Jon Horswell
Southall Depot2016-11-17Jon Horswell
Southall Depot2016-10-26Jon Horswell
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