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Grounded bodies

Dave Kirwin

Joined: 4 May 2011

Posted: 20 April 2012, 18:08:00

Hello all,

I spotted an old van bodied in someone's garden recently and got permission to photograph it but cannot identify it. I though I read somewhere there was a group or society for grounded bodies? or did I dream that?!

If anyone wants to look, my photo is here:




David Warby

Joined: 18 October 2011

Posted: 26 July 2012, 15:41:10

Dave, the Vintage Carriage Trust have a website that lists grounded vehicles. I am at work at the moment, I will try to remember to post it later, or a Google search would probably lead you to it. DW

Nick Felton

Joined: 29 April 2011

Posted: 2 August 2012, 23:35:22

Looks like this one:-



Steven Hill

Joined: 3 September 2012

Posted: 4 September 2012, 21:45:40

Hi all,

Sorry if i'm stating the obvious, but that looks to me to be a long wheel based southern region CCT van.



Dave Kirwin

Joined: 4 May 2011

Posted: 14 October 2012, 20:26:46

This van can be found in the property of a private house next to the 'Concorde Club' on Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh.

See Nick's link above for more details.

Dave Kirwin

Joined: 4 May 2011

Posted: 14 October 2012, 21:31:22

As this was on someones property I had obtain permission to photograph it, but it can be seen from the road (Stoneham Lane) if the white gates leading to the house are open.

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