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Peter Anthony Cummings

Joined: 5 January 2012

Posted: 31 January 2014, 22:48:33

Ben (and Vince over the corridor) are there extra Forum tools you can switch on.

*A response that says our post has been uploaded, and greys out the upload button.

*Edit and Delete buttons.

I just sent a response twice, but unlike other makes of Forum, there is no ability to edit or delete a posting.


Technical department

Joined: 1 June 2002

Posted: 3 February 2014, 11:28:01

Hi Peter,

Both websites and all of their features (including the forum) are built/coded from scratch by myself - they do not come from any of the 'off-the shelf' free forum/website packages that exist. As such, there are no "extra forum tools" I can switch on until I build them. I do have plans to build an edit & delete function, but I'm currently in the middle of moving house so it may be a while.

In the meantime, Ben and I can edit/delete forum posts where obvious mistakes/duplications have been made.

Peter Anthony Cummings

Joined: 5 January 2012

Posted: 3 February 2014, 21:38:02

Crikey! All home made! I'm well impressed.

And I'm sure we'll cope if further tweaks are problematic.

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