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Older vehicle listings

Ben Williams

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Posted: 6 February 2013, 12:54:46

The website has never generally listed departmental vehicles pre 1970s which does leave some large gaps in number series' and search results.

The intention would be to eventually fill in these gaps but it seems there are many more DE and DM series gaps than we first thought!

However the technical team has now adapted the website lists so that all missing vehicle numbers are now listed from DE320xxx and DM395xxx series – with a blank holding page that explains what is going on. It also means sightings for these vehicles that have been added by contributors (but weren’t previously listed) will appear under that vehicle rather than getting no results when searching by number. Doing a search for "395002" for example should demonstrate what I mean.

Adding the five digit series' (eg DS 70xxx series) is presenting us with a few technical difficulties at present but these may be added at a later date.

We hope this is more useful.

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