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9 June 2006 - thanks to Andrew Rudd, Brian Stanway, Brian Loughlin, Kevin Stroud, Will Dinas, Dave Denton for this article

Usual round-up of the latest news

There have been a lot of movements recently so I have detailed these in a seperate article - click here

For sale
321073 at Great Central Railway - also through Traction Ads here
Alongside is 083661 at Long Marston.
975496 - the tool van at the EARM is again up for sale. If anyone is interested I will forward details and contact information to you.
Car Services list 975051 at Crewe and 977086 at Long Marston as available for purchase here

Long term resident of Wolverhampton Low Level 975995 was scrapped at the beginning of April to make way for the station redevelopment.

Two of the three tanks at the rear of Derby Etches Park refueller appear to have disappeared - I believe it looked like 024994 remains but confirmation of this would be good.

Internal User discoveries...
024669 is now at Great Central Railway (formerly at Toton.)

083405 & 083647 discovered at Stewarts Lane at the end of April. Looks like the rest of unseen IU wagons have been scrapped.

041633 confirmed at Neville Hill yard

024805 (ex Chester WRD) and 083509, 083510, 083511 & 083512 (ex RNAD Bedenham) are reported to now be at Pentrefelin on the Llangollen Railway.

Other news...
Plasser UFM160 Inspection Unit 999700 & 999701 has now lost its Eurailscout logo - it is now plain yellow with small Network Rail logos on each vehicle.

083379 and 977893 are now inside the shed at Eastleigh Works in preparation for their new role as support vehicles to steam loco Lord Nelson.

DRS escort coaches 9419 & 9428 saw some use during April - their first move for a long while!

Former Mk4 barrier van 6390 was seen at the Midland Railway Centre at the beginning of May at MRC wearing a new coat of Inter City livery! Its not clear yet what the future holds for this vehicle or where it is heading next.... any news welcome!

There is a PMV body at an allotments in Poppleton Road, York that has apparently been identified as the body of 041468 (975960)!! The underframe is at the Tanfield.

977859 "Pandora" was released back into traffic in the North West around the middle of April...

Network Rail yellow generator van 6263 entered service towards the end of May / beginning of June and was seen as part of a test train formation at Old Oak Common.

Apparently the vehicles stored in the undergrowth at Hornsey Up sidings are shortly to be removed! Fruit van 041486 and one of the milk tanks are bound for Didcot, the other milk tank is also due for preservation although its destination is not known at present. The BG van 80865 is going to Booths.

It has been discovered that DW 150400 and DW 150403 are currently missing! They were not seen at the industrial estate in Kidderminster where they were previously thought to reside.

Test vehicle "Cyclops" 901601 (or what remains of it) may now be at the East Lancashire Railway although confirmation would be useful. It apparently spent time at the National Railway Museum at York. It may now have its upper housing removed.
UPDATE 11TH JUNE 2006 - this wagon has indeed been confirmed at the ELR - currently outside Buckley Wells steam shed. It has the top removed as expected and is now being used to carry steam engine parts.

MOD Escort Vehicle 889301 has been confirmed still present at MOD Kineton and still wearing a faded version of its green livery with RfD logos! Last sighting of this on the website was 1998 so it is useful to know it is still there! I am led to believe it spends much of its time in some of the secure areas of the site hence its infrequent appearances!

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