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24 July 2006 - thanks to Ben & Vince for this article

A couple of new additions to the website which we hope you will find useful.

Firstly - on the front page you will notice links to the last 10 photo comments. Often people ask questions under photos which might not get seen for a long time (or we have to copy and paste to the group!) so now you can check back for what people have been saying recently....

Secondly - I was asked where to find a list of departmental locos and to be honest there has never been one! Locos were only really found by doing a search. This has now been remedied - although (as before) I won't be adding sightings of these to the site as it is not predominantly a loco website - this list is just for quick reference. Thanks to Ian at for filling in a lot of the detail here as well as members on DPTgen!

Any mistakes / additions - please let me know!

The observant amongst you will have also noticed the addition of small icons which should now appear in your intenet browsers' address bar - for OTPnet and DPTnet - small blue / grey squares respectively. You may need to refresh the pages / re-add to your favourites list before they appear. These should also feature within the RSS Feed menus.

As always, thanks are due to the highly-trained technical team who work long hours and have no cigarette breaks just so the websites are kept running.

Donations are always welcome of course!

If you have a Paypal account you can help us cover website running costs (approximately 150 a year.)
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