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19 September 2006 - thanks to Brian Stanway, Dave Denton, John Hall, John Palin, Brian Loughlin, Neil Walkling for this article

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Fruit van 041486 arrived at Wishaw from Hornsey late on 15th July. Both the milk tanks had left Hornsey by 20th July - 041358 ended up at Wishaw too while 041499 made its way down to Midsomer Norton station.

Box van 024911 (formerly from Holyhead) is now at a new site at Dolgarrog.

67301 has moved from Throckmorton to Allelys yard along with former Gatwick Express coaches 72608 and 72641.

082213 and 083215 from Eastleigh works have been relocated to Wolverton works - observed there on 14th August. Meanwhile another former Eastleigh works internal user wagon 083262 has been noted at Alresford on the Mid Hants Railway.

889022 is now at Okehampton station - formerly at Llangollen. Saloon 45048 is also currently working at the same location although this may just be a short term summer hire...

99645 arrived at Booths for scrap towards the end of July. It had previously been stripped for spares at Derby.

Boiler van 70185 (041979) appears to have departed from MOD Kineton although its current destination is not known - if anyone knows please get in touch.

Barrier pairing 6378 & 6379 are currently stored at Long Marston.

975991 remains intact at Crewe TMD while 975051, 977390, 977449 and 977595 appear to have been moved from the station area back onto the TMD. All of these except 975051 are believed to have been sold to new homes. Watch this space for more news on these!

977846 from Summerlee was delivered to Booths at the beginning of August. A strange move considering the rest of the unit is expected to remain in Scotland!

The former GTRM OHLM inspection set of coaches was also delivered to Booths during August (975697, 975698, 975713, 975733, 975743, 975898 & 975899) and disposed of very quickly. However 975723 was observed still at Allelys yard in Warwickshire in mid-September. The fate of this coach is not yet known.

Former Serco mk2 coach 977801 was also disposed at Booths in the second half of August.

It has finally been established that the former OHLM coaches from Oxford Hinksey yard (975706, 975717, 975727, 975737 and 975747) were taken away by road to Sims, Newport for scrap around January 2006.

Former nuclear escort coach 99150 is reported to have been scrapped at the East Lancashire Railway in April 2006 along with other non departmental stock.

Other News
It was noted during July that 061061 at Oxford station is in fact incorrectly numbered 016060 on the car park side of the van!

The area near Aylesbury station appears to have now been redeveloped - possibly meaning the end for the coach which used to sit there - 395776. If anyone knows any more please let me know!

150375 has received another repaint - it now carries maroon livery at the Midland Railway Centre.

Some progress has been made with identifying the remaining internal user wagons in and around Tyseley depot and carriage sidings. 024908 (also numbered TS300) is the most certain as it carries its IU number. A lowmac wagon numbered TS200 is probably 024928 while a blue tank in the carriage sidings numbered TS100 seems most likely to be 024925.

977995 was seen in use with the NMT towards the end of August. Displaced 975984 is back at Derby.

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