News - Rare departmental EMU saved!

4 November 2006 - thanks to Mike Porter, Andrew Humphries for this article

A long term resident of Immingham Railfreight Terminal has finally been saved for preservation!

Updated 8th November 2006

977349 (ex 61183) a former Merseyrail Sandite vehicle from unit 936003 has languished at Immingham since the middle of 2002 and has amazingly escaped the cutter's torch!

It has since been saved by the SERA (Suburban Electric Railway Association) and was moved to the Coventry Railway Centre on October 27th. This joins the only other remaining Class 501 vehicle (75186.)

Regarding this vehicle's history, Andrew tells me:
This vehicle is a class 501 DMBS. It was delivered in 1957 to replace ageing LMS units, spending it's whole working life allocated to Croxley Green Depot in Watford. It remained in service until 1985 when it was replaced by transferred BR class 313 units.

Three class 501 units were kept and transferred to departmental service (Oct 1985) working over Wirral/Mersey lines they remained in use until the end of 1995. They were dumped first at Birkenhead North then transferred to Chester, where the DTBS were coupled to class 73s for sandite duties. The vehicles were then withdrawn and sent to Immingham IRT for scrapping (Apr 2002). With thanks to Immingham IRT this vehicle was set aside for preservation and was purchased by the SERA.

Both 977349 and 75186 are expected to be restored soon.

Please visit the SERA website below if you want more information or would like to get involved with its restoration.

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  • Patrick Dent

    3 May 2007, 12:14:44

    How evocative; I used to ride on these units as a lad from Acton Central to Richmond

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