News - Christmas round-up

13 December 2006 - thanks to Brian Stanway, Rex Beech, Eddie Devall, David Crabb, Les Wild, Simon Bendall, Dave Denton, Peter Wreford for this article

A summary of happenings since the end of September...

Former Gateshead tanker 041361 was found to be actually residing at Heaton towards the end of September! Meanwhile another tanker 083576 formerly at Dundee is at Caledonian Railway, Brechin.

Boiler van ADS 70185 / 041979 is now at Churnet Valley Railway after a long spell in storage at Kineton.

Crane 060980 (ADW272) is now at Titley Junction with fellow hand crane 083332.

DMU 042222 moved briefly to Wardle in Cheshire but caused a few problems with local motorists and the council planning department! The story even made the local and national press! (London Lite and the Daily Mail.) It has now moved to the Midland Railway Centre.

977331 has now moved from Bicester to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway.

977972 arrived at Heacham station in Norfolk at the end of November (formerly at the Battlefield Line.) It is to be used as holiday accomodation.

Conflat 024880 has moved to the Caledonian Railway from Wishaw. 025009 moved to Bo'ness although it was originally intended for the Caledonian Railway at Brechin. See notes under photo for more details.

977591 has been found to have moved to Dalton Transport, Dalton, North Yorkshire for storage.

Former MLVs 68501 and 68508 moved from Tonbridge to Barrow Hill for refurbishment during mid November.

024434 has been confirmed now at the Middleton Railway from Northampton. It was moved around the year 2000.

025022 is thought to have now been scrapped - did not appear to be present at A.P.Webb's yard in Stafford in October. Any more news welcome!

977708 was cut at Caerwent during November.

The bodywork of scenery van 083379 was scrapped on site at Eastleigh works during November. The underframe and bogies remain on site at the beginning of December - the fate of this isn't yet known.

C.F.Booths disposals:
977510 - cut September 2006.
10704 - cut October 2006.
975658, 977468, 977802, 977934, 024957 - all cut November 2006.
977470 - cutting started December 2006.
99645 & 76629 still present.

Other news
The second mystery rectank wagon at Swansea Landore has been established as 061082 ex Bristol Bath Road!

977996 is under conversion at Brush Loughborough from 44062.

024798 was found at Buxton TMD at the beginning of October. It is still locked inside the former loco shed.

975723 has been confirmed stored at Allelys yard in Warwickshire and not scrapped like the rest of the set.

041947 at Ilford has recently been noted outside the shed where it has been for the last few years.

45030 / 042205 has also now been moved outside - this time at Wishaw.

6356 & 6357 have been confirmed now present at Coalville from Barrow Hill.

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