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26 March 2007 - thanks to Brian Loughlin, John Silverthorne, Dave Denton, Brian Stanway, Peter Hall, Steve Rawsthorne, Clive Warneford for this article

A look at what's been happening over the last few weeks...

Saloon 999509 moved to Toton WRD in December 2006 after a fair period in store.

The remnants of 083379 disappeared from Eastleigh works at the end of January - the underframe and bogies possibly removed and taken away somewhere for further use perhaps? Any more news on this welcome!

DE 321099 arrived at Old Radnor on 31st January from Northampton Ironstone Railway Trust.

The underframe of Gresley coach DE 320645 was finally removed from York on 6th February. It was taken to its new owner VSOE at Stewarts Lane. Box van 042466 was also removed around the same time and taken initially to Heanor's yard at Langley Mill. It arrived at its new home - the Swanage Railway - on 20th March. 041379 remains for the time being - it's height potentially causing difficulty to its removal from the yard.

977084 has now returned to the Battlefield Railway.

977402 moved from the Mid Hants Railway (on different bogies) to Caerwent for scrap at the beginning of March.

975496 has been sold to the Rushden Station Transport Museum and it arrived there from the East Anglian Railway Museum on 6th March.

977241 is reported to have moved from Barrow Hill to Heritage Engineering at Swindon works during January although confirmation is awaited (along with the current status of 061094 underframe and 083652 from Eastleigh!)

Arrivals - 977977, 977978, 977979 and 977980 from the Hitachi unit arrived during February and March from Shoeburyness. 977977 appeared to have been cut by 24th March and 977980 was in the cutting area.
975491 arrived mid-February from Throckmorton, and the shell of 975422 arrived from Derby RTC towards the end of February. Both are thought to have been quickly cut up.
975723 arrived mid-March from Allely's yard.
Also cut: 977695 & 72603.
975476 and 72640 were still present on 24th March and had been joined by 72702 from Allelys yard.
The two grounded internal user vans at Darlington are thought to have been disposed recently on site (041865 & 041890.)

977357 was found to have been cut on site at the East Lancashire Railway in December 2006.

Other news
It was established that the Railway Heritage Committee had "designated" a couple of items of departmental stock recently which means their owners cannot dispose of them for scrap because they are of historical significance. Vehicles in question are saloon 45029 at Motherwell and vintage tank 041181 at Doncaster Belmont.

Network Rail have acquired four DBSO vehicles formerly used by Anglia. They are expected to be used instead of "top and tail" loco operations. Vehicles involved are 9702,9703,9708 & 9714. 9702 moved from Kineton to Derby by road whilst the other three moved by rail on 19th February.

Current outstanding mysteries
DW 150400 & DW 150403 - disappeared from the premises of Enterprise Weaving Company in Kidderminster some time after December 2001. Anyone any more details please? They may have been scrapped on site?

024953 from Derby Etches Park is still missing.

083264 & 083650 from Ashford - again these are suspected to have been scrapped on site once the CTRL works finished.

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  • Ben Williams

    9 April 2007, 14:26:53

    024953 is almost certainly thought to have gone to Sims, Newport 1/06

    083264 & 083650 will be assumed scrapped on site at Ashford 7/05 until someone tells me otherwise!

  • Ben Williams

    10 April 2007, 09:35:48

    It appears 977402 did in fact go to Sims, Newport in February 2007 and not Caerwent.

  • Ben Williams

    12 April 2007, 10:52:37

    Remaining at Booths on 7th April were 977980, 975476, 72640, 975723

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