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20 April 2007 - thanks to Steve Hatcher, Brian Stanway, Rich Mackin, Jo Coultas, Dave Denton, Clive Barlow, Eddie Devall, Roger Smith for this article

Last month's comings and goings as well as a look ahead to the summer...

6261 left Old Oak Common on 28th March by road. It went to Derby where it is undergoing a repaint into yellow.

Meanwhile 6262 moved from Ludgershall to Barrow Hill on 19th April. The reason for this move is not yet clear.

Long term residents of Basingstoke station 083473 & 083474 were moved to the Mid Hants Railway on 10th April.

975499 left the Spa Valley Railway on 12th April. It was observed at Heanor Haulage's yard at Langley Mill on the 13th. It is destined for Booths although its not clear yet when it will be tripped across.

977978 and 977979 have been scrapped recently at Booths while 975476, 975723, 72640 and 977980 are enjoying a prolonged reprieve despite sitting in the main cutting area for some weeks!

The remains of van 041879 have recently been broken up at Goole yard.

Other news
During April it was discovered that a few wagons still remain at Holyhead - two Palbrick type and one old guards van. Luckily the only one of the three which had a clear identity was 024682 which was thought to have been scrapped a long time ago!

Loco 31602 is also reported to be undergoing a yellow repaint.

025017 was found to be lurking inside the shed at Crewe TMD after previously having thought it had been cut up!

975051 and 977449 apparently now have "Peak Rail" written on them at Crewe. No word yet on when they will be moving. 977390 and 977595 were also rumoured to be sold a while back but these also remain at Crewe. 975991 still has not been cut!

Tank 042200 at Hull Botanic Gardens TMD is rumoured to be up for disposal ahead of remodelling of the part of the depot where it is currently sitting.

New Network Rail conversions
Network Rail vehicles will begin testing at the Great Central Railway shortly. 43160 & 977974 are expected to move to GCR on 23rd April. "Hybrid" power car 43089 along with its battery car 977996 are due to follow on 30th April. 43089 will effectively be a battery electric power car develeoped by Hitachi. The Valenta engine will still be used but the intention is that the batteries will supply a percentage of the power, meaning that the engine works less - especially at high speed. It is fitted with AC traction motors which have a regenerative brake but it will also have rheostatic brakes. The regenerative brakes will recharge the batteries in 977996.

The train will then undergo brake and traction trials up to 60mph prior to operating tests on Network Rail from Derby.

More on the former Anglia DBSO conversions - I am told that they will retain their current numbers, 9702, 9703, 9708 & 9714.
9702 will be for UTU2 - 62482
9703 will be for UTU3 - 999602 (note that it will be loco-hauled as opposed to modified DMUs as currently)
9708 will be for SGT or MENTOR
9714 will be for UTU4 - 999606

New website look!
Most visitors to the site will have noticed the cosmetic changes to the website over the last few weeks. The general layout to most pages remains unchanged but the front page has seen the biggest revamp! Hopefully the clearer layout detailing latest photos, news and comments will make everything easier to read. So far comments have been favourable (now the search box has returned!) but your feedback is always welcome!

Time off...
As many of you will have heard via the group, I am taking some time off to go abroad from May 1st until the end of November. The website will obviously stay online but I will not be able to update the lists. Photos will be added automatically at various intervals.

As a result I would again make a plea that if you are adding sightings PLEASE take a second to input the correct locations to keep things consistent - this will help accuracy for other people doing searches.

For example if you observe 975534 at Midland Railway Centre you will see what should go in

If you put in "Butterley" this is geographically correct (!) but for the sake of keeping things the same I would appreciate it if you can put "Midland Railway Centre" please!

This sounds like I'm nitpicking but over a period of 7 months things could get really get out of hand as no one will be tidying the lists (as I have been doing CONSTANTLY over the last few years!)

Can I also ask that you dont use all lower case or (even worse) ALL CAPITALS to put in sightings as it's just bad manners! All it takes is a simple search (now its back on the front page!) and a copy and paste job.

Thanks for your co operation. As I said previously I will still be occasionally checking my emails but I won't be able to update / amend the website lists.

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  • Ben Williams

    30 November 2007, 15:31:14

    I believe 9701 has been added to the fleet of DBSO conversions now underway at Derby. The first is due to be released mid-December although it is not known which at this stage.

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