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20 October 2007 - thanks to Dave Denton, Dave Shell, Brian Cuttell, Martin Sidwells, Phil Scott, Nick Tompkin, Brian Loughlin for this article

Just a quick update to a few things over the summer...

975051 & 977449 moved from Crewe to Peak Rail around the end of May.

Van 041620 has appeared at Peak Rail - from Derby although no details on when this happened.

Saloon 45030/042205 moved to a private owner at Carnforth mid-August.

977594 also moved to Carnforth from G&WR at the beginning of September.

975345 / 060972 has moved to the East Somerset Railway.

024534 has moved to the Historic Dockyard at Chatham.

It appears that the three tanks from Hoo Junction have now been removed or scrapped - 083622, 083623 & 083624. If anyone knows any more please let me know. Likewise van 083601 formerly at Faversham is also said to have recently gone but no other details. 083619 remains near the station.

975554, 975555 & 975721 were finally moved from their long-term home in Doncaster West Yard to Booths for scrap at the beginning of June.

975903 was scrapped May 25th at Crewe Diesel by HNRC.

MOD Mk2s 024995 & 024996 were offered for sale on a June tender list but both were later sent for scrap. 024995 went to Evans and Monden, Halesowen while 024996 went to Hirst near Whitchurch.

061171 was scrapped at Reading at the end of June. Contractor is currently under question but may have also involved items of OTP - any more info welcome!

DS70244 suffered from an arson attack at the Avon Valley Railway during July so will probably be scrapped? Any more news welcome.

977437 was moved from the G&WR during July, given a quick repaint and used during a filming contract. It was later scrapped at Booths - gone by July 21st.

It has been finally confirmed that DW150400 & DW150403 were scrapped at Enterprise Weaving Co. Kidderminster around 2003.

The bodywork of 977010 was noted as a pile of mangled remains at the end of August at the Tanfield Railway. The underframe has been re-used.

Tank 042196 has been removed from or scrapped at Blyth Cambois depot - any more info welcome!

It appears the majority of internal user flat wagons at Corus Castleton yard have been scrapped - ony 024573 & 024853 remain off-track. Any confirmation welcome!

The sandite vehicles at Ashford Chart Leacon may have recently been moved or scrapped - again any confirmation would be excellent!

Other news
99025, 99026 & 99027 along with 975497, 975615 & 977526 were all offered for sale by NR at the end of May. No news had been heard since so its possible these could all be off for disposal soon. It was also rumoured 99019 was heading to Booths too but this has not yet happened.

977893 at Eastleigh works has been sold to a private individual. Its not clear whether this move has happened yet.

99666 & 999508 are the latest vehicles to receive NR yellow livery.

The location of Mark 1 coach 3094 (allocated 042136 but never carried) has been confirmed as Mill of Logierait, Logierait, near Pitlochry.

And finally...
Yes I'm still away from the UK - currently in Australia and will return towards the end of November. Thanks to everyone who has continued to send in news, sightings and photos - I will eventually get the website up to date again during December but hopefully this article will help to update things a little.

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  • Ben Williams

    24 October 2007, 07:05:20

    The four vehicles at Chart Leacon are in fact still present - confirmed recently.

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