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3 January 2008 - thanks to Ben & Vince for this article

All change!

We've decided that "DPTgen" never really made much sense and often got confused with OTPgen and "DTPgen" (and all sorts of other things!) so it is today reverting back to its old name "departmentals"

Please amend your address books - to send to the group it is:

The website will be referred to as "" We dropped the "DPTnet" thing a while ago!

OTPgen remains the same, as does

Thanks for your attention and apologies for any inconvenience!

Ben & Vince

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  • Martin Wood

    21 November 2010, 23:07:40

    haven't been on here for a while.

    E283710 a LNER dia 195 van was at Hartlebury Trading Estate


    along with aBR van and Grampus the numbers of which escape me at the mo.

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