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19 February 2008 - thanks to Brian Stanway, Phil Scott, Colin Brock, Steve Rawsthorne, Nigel Barnes, Clive Barlow, Brian Loughlin, Ashley Butlin for this article

A summary of the latest developments...

Not many departmental disposals at all so far this year!
99646 was cut at Booths during January. This was of course a long term resident of Ferme Park before going to Stewarts Lane for a few months to enable spares recovery.

Severn Tunnel Junction was cleared of remaining stock just after new year. 977975 & 977976 are now at Long Marston while the other two coaches 975615 & 977526 went to Sims, Newport for scrap. It is thought 975497 at Sudbrook is likely to be cut on site although this is unconfirmed.

071343 & 150328 have moved from Pontypool to the G&WR.

Marlin wagon 975510 has moved from Manchester Metrolink to the East Lancashire Railway.

024327 & 024328 have both been found at the Llangollen Railway - formerly residing at Crewe works.

The former 977135 has moved to the NYMR.

041645 from Diss has apparently moved to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway during January.

GWR van 024239 moved from Long Marston to Titley Junction during February.

977168 from Ashford has apparently moved to nearby Hope Farm at Sellindge.

BTU moves
The Crewe BTU set 977088, 977107 & 977235 moved to its new Wigan base on the 17th January.

Meanwhile the former Old Oak set 975574 & 975611 & 975613 moved north to Toton at the beginning of February along with crane 96715.

975080 & 975465 from the former Toton set remain at Old Oak. 975481 from the old Toton set appears to be stored OOU at Old Oak with the rest of the stored NR coaches (975087, 975471, 975477, 977990 & 977991.)

The Thornaby BTU set 975463, 975482 & 975498 moved south to Derby during December. The latter two have been overhauled and repainted - they are being used (along with 80211) as temporary bufferstops to protect the workforce during the station refurbishment project. Network Rail are removing the old roof behind the coaches while trains continue to use the three platforms as bays. They are positioned late on fridays and removed again by 0500 on mondays, and will continue to be used like this for most weekends until the demolition works are finished (presumably in different phased positions as different parts of the old roof are removed.) The whole project is not due to be complete until July 2009.

Other news
Lost & Found
042173 has been found at Shackerstone, while 083601 & 083619 have now both gone from Faversham. Its not clear yet what has happened to these two but they disappeared at different times last year. Meanwhile 12t van 083468 has been found to be still at Dinton.
977389's underframe was confirmed still present during February at Shoeburyness.

6338 & 6348 are both now also in all-over FGW blue.
80211, 72616 72639 are now all yellow.

ERTMS locos
The first of the Network Rail locomotives for the Cambrian Line ERTMS project was released during January. 37100 is now renumbered 97301. At present it is expected 37178 will become 97302, 37170 - 97303 and 37217 - 97304. The order of the last two is under question - watch this space!

9703 and 9702 are nearing completion but at the time of writing 9703's first mainline test run was still postponed. Again, watch this space...

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  • Ben Williams

    24 February 2008, 10:43:26

    9703 has now been certified for mainline use and made some runs last week. It is expected to do more loops next week. Timings have been posted to the Yahoogroup.

    97301 is also now certified and will move to Brush at Loughborough for further tests - possibly tomorrow 25/2

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