Photo of 024482 at Willesden TMD

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  • Willesden TMD
  • 19 April 2003
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Ben

    29 April 2003, 09:14:50

    This tank has been tucked away at the back of Willesden TMD for years now - it is visible from passing trains on the Bakerloo line / Watford local service and from the Willesden Jcn high level station (in the background of this picture) It isn't visible from the WCML lines though.

  • Ben Williams

    5 September 2009, 14:24:16

    Still present yesterday - thought it may have got the chop as part of the recent depot upgrade but it has escaped so far!

  • Dave Mant

    15 June 2010, 21:42:41

    Still at the back of the depot 12 June 2010

  • Ben Williams

    15 June 2010, 22:17:57

    It seems to be constantly in the way at the moment while coaching stock and RRVs use the sidings but yet still it resists a move!

  • Dave C

    29 July 2010, 22:15:17

    Still in the same place at Willesden on 28th July 2010

  • Will D. Downing

    30 July 2010, 08:26:52

    This is turning into a Twitter page.

  • Ben Williams

    30 July 2010, 08:31:00

    If you mean the sightings then yes I would agree - please add sightings using the link at the top not as photo comments please!

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