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  • Holyhead
  • 17 April 2007
  • © Eddie Devall


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  • Ben Williams

    20 April 2007, 14:15:00

    A lucky find at Holyhead this week - this wagon was thought to have been scrapped a long time ago! However it remains with one other similar Palbrick wagon and an old guards van that could not be identified.

  • Martin Allen

    11 June 2007, 09:22:50

    Looks like it is in need of some "TCL", although the wood parts of the bodywork were originally just the floor planks and four plywood side panels. Would make a straightforward restoration job. Appears to be a Freightliner adaptor wagon. Does anyone know it's original identity? I would mot mind saving it myself, if the current owner could be established and road access for transport was available. Any ideas folks?

  • Dave Shell (OTPPG/NREL)

    11 June 2007, 13:07:21

    Try contacting Network Rail first - they should be able to do a trace on TOPS and check up on the registered owner/operator.

  • Phil Hetherington

    25 September 2007, 12:17:57

    I can assure you restoring one of these is far from straightforward as the match wagon changes are quite extensive - see www.palbrick.com for more info on my own example (B462772) which will give you an idea what's involved. I'd love to see this one saved though - if you do decide to go for it, feel free to drop me a line.

  • Ben Williams

    12 January 2008, 22:37:16

    This wagon currently keeps company with another of the same type numbered B 462760 and a guards van 95?236 (thought to be 950236.) All noted still present yesterday.

  • Phil Hetherington

    9 September 2009, 10:33:26

    A report from site yesterday says that all three have disappeared. The sleepers in the above photo are still across the track so cut-on-site seems to be the most likely explanation...

  • Rob Williams

    9 September 2009, 10:53:12

    The two wagons and the brake van that where on this site have been saved, all have gone to the Tanat Valley Railway at Nantmawr nr Oswestry.

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