Photo of 024798 at Buxton TMD

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  • Buxton TMD
  • 7 October 2006
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Ben Williams

    31 October 2006, 23:26:33

    A lucky find here at the abandoned Buxton TMD. A small opening in one of the main doors afforded a glance at this van not previously recorded since 1989!

  • Ben Williams

    2 January 2015, 19:10:23

    Interesting recent photos here showing 024798 still here


  • Ben Williams

    4 March 2016, 13:36:05

    I'm told this shed has been demolished this week. The fate of this van is not yet known.

    A Dogfish wagon previously at Peak Forest was taken to Great Central Railway (not sure which site) so there may be a connection there.

    Thanks to Brian for info.

  • Dan Adkins

    5 March 2016, 16:03:18

    The ZFV was removed from Peak Forest some time ago. the NWPG have made enquiries about this van I believe.

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