Photo of 024925 at Tyseley Carriage Sidings

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  • Tyseley Carriage Sidings
  • 15 February 2008
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Ben Williams

    3 March 2008, 21:45:24

    Good to finally get a decent shot of this tank. Closer inspection showed it even carries its IU identity in very small numbers just to the right of the coiled cable in this shot. I believe it is now out of use although it used to carry antifreeze. Thanks to Brian for his efforts in confirming the ID on this one!

  • John Sergeant

    29 June 2008, 09:46:30

    Interesting tank wagon, does any one know if it is available for preservation, it looks to good to be scrapped and would make a good addition to a preserved railways stock. I,m assuming it is still at Tyseley?

  • Ben Williams

    29 June 2008, 21:59:19

    It is indeed still there! Saw it myself today...

  • SD0853

    1 July 2008, 11:55:59

    It might look like a nice to have wagon, but with todays scrap prices going through the roof at nearly 300 per tonne, then this would be an expensive "Nice to have". In scrap it's worth 3000 - 4500, then it would need transporting to a new home (if you can find a railway to keep it on), so you'd be looking at around 5000 just to get it home before any restoration work gets carried out. This is an expensive little wagon (as they all are now), so you'd have to be pretty in love with it to blow off 5K so that you could see it rot from the comfort of your local preserved railway as opposed to seing it rot from passing trains en-route to Snow Hill

  • Bill McTavish

    1 July 2008, 11:58:30

    Are you the John Sergeant off the telly?

  • John Sergeant

    1 July 2008, 13:22:55

    Replying to SD0852 I think you are probably right although having recently scrapped a large amount of grade "A" steel the dealers arnr't paying this due to the cost of breaking, transport etc., and no Mr. McTavish I'm not that John Sergeant he's probably worth a lot more than me.

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