Photo of 041181 at Doncaster Belmont yard

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  • Doncaster Belmont yard
  • 30 December 2000
  • © Alex Betteney


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  • Brian Cuttell

    23 June 2003, 19:53:32

    Did this tank wagon carry IU number 041204?

    The reason i ask is that 041204 has always been listed as formerly A444 and the tank in the photo clearly shows A4112

    Any comments anyone?

    Good to see its been preserved as there aren't many of these old tanks left nowadays

  • Michael Winter

    23 June 2003, 20:05:59

    This tank wagon was still at Belmont Yd on Sat 14/06/03 - seen from a charter as we stopped next to it!

  • Alex Betteney

    24 June 2003, 16:24:39

    When I took the photo, I noted the IU number in my book to be 041104, but was later advised that this was actually 041204 from Tinsley. If anyone knows the real IU identity of this tank, please enlighten us!

  • Brian Cuttell

    24 June 2003, 23:39:04

    Mystery Solved!

    A4112 is actually 041181 which vanished from IU at Tinsley Yard years ago & hadn't been seen since so it was a good find for Alex!

    As 041181 is reported still at Belmont by Michael it would seem that 041204 is at the Ribble Valley although i haven't been there yet myself to check it out.

    Hopefully someone will save 041181 when it becomes available as it looks old enough for the 'Antiques Roadshow'

  • Craig Adamson

    29 September 2003, 20:41:56

    This wagon is used to store human waste as there are no services (running water for the sinks and toilets etc) in the shunt cabin at Belmont. The wagon is emptied every so often into a road vehicle.

  • Sharon Byrne

    28 February 2006, 16:41:14

    Does anyone know if this wagon is still used to store human waste? or if it is empty? Would anyone be interested in this vehicle should it become available?

  • Paul Bartlett

    1 March 2006, 19:21:53

    This was originally Scottish Oils 202 built Pickering and registered no. 25455 Caledonian Railway in 1910. Was at Tinsley September 1986, has stood beside the ECML for many years - probably 12, must be one of the most observed IUs on the system. Lovely photograph! Has been measured in detail

  • John Burnie

    20 July 2006, 16:45:00

    The Almond Valley Heritage Centre (Livingston, Scotland) is interested in acquiring this wagon IF it was built for the Scottish shale oil industry. Re Paul Bartlett's detailed posting, Scottish Oils was formed in 1919, by the amalgamation of the Anglo Persian Oil Co. (APOC), with the Scottish shale oil industry. So if it was built before then, it must have been for the progenitor companies. These were British Petroleum Co., (formed in 1901, acquired by the Anglo Persian Oil Co (APOC) in 1917), APOC after its formation in 1909, or one of the shale oil companies - the Oakbank Oil Co., Youngs of Bathgate and the Pumpherston Oil Co. Does Paul or anyone else know more?

  • Ben Williams

    28 February 2007, 20:18:44

    Apparently this has been "designated" by the Railway Heritage Committee so will presumably have a future in preservation?


  • Pete Fidczuk

    1 March 2007, 19:35:21

    This vehicle was definitely built for one of the Scottish Oil shale companies. Given that it has a CR registration it seems likely that it was built for Oakbank. Unfortunately the Caledonian registration details do nort survive, however the RY Pickering order books do - at Glasgow University Business Archive. Maybe someone in Scotland could pay a visit to Glasgow and find out what the original identity of this vehicle was.

  • roger bellr

    1 March 2009, 21:53:35

    I took a picture of 041181 dated 16/4/1995. The still legible writing states that it was used for the oil in the dowty retarding system for hump shunting in the yard.i am not sure if it was new or old oil.

  • Jordan

    28 June 2009, 20:54:35

    It is the oldest wagon in EWS ownership it will be preserved by the nation railway museum

  • Jordan

    28 June 2009, 20:54:57

    It is the oldest wagon in EWS ownership it will be preserved by the nation railway museum

  • Ric

    10 March 2011, 19:42:47

    Hi, i have been travelling to Peterborough all this week (week ending 12/3/2011) and it is still sat on the buffer stops where the above pic was taken. I'm not sure if it is still used for storage as it seems to have a hole in the tank. It would be nice if it got preserved but if it did get saved how much of the original wagon will be left after restoration, not much i should think!! I managed to get some pics and i will be happy to email them to anybody who is interested.

  • Ben Williams

    18 October 2011, 19:32:37

    Now moved to Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Livingstone

  • Simon Jones

    31 July 2019, 08:26:16

    Really nice restoration job done on it as can be seen from this image:


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