Photo of 041406 at Immingham TMD

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  • Immingham TMD
  • 6 January 2004
  • © Bryan Dawes


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  • Ben Williams

    14 October 2008, 11:28:45

    Anyone able to update the current situation at Immingham please? I'm concerned IU wagons that remain here are going to disappear (if not already) as the site gets redeveloped.

    This tank is quite a rare survivor of its type (as well as 041361 at Heaton.)


  • Phil Hetherington

    17 October 2008, 13:34:59

    When Ben says rare... only two were built, and both survive... it would be nice to think that both could eventually get preserved?

  • Dave Shell (NREL, AVRP, OTPPG)

    17 October 2008, 19:21:48

    The guys at Heaton know I'd be interested in 041361

  • Ben Williams

    30 November 2010, 22:03:21

    Still here?

  • Ben Williams

    17 March 2012, 19:25:06

    It is thought that this is no longer present although van body 042230 still was here recently. Anyone confirm this tank's disposal please?

  • Ben Williams

    29 May 2017, 12:17:28

    A tank wagon that looks very similar to this has been found at Immingham East Dock yard and is apparently available for purchase.

    I am trying to get more details from the guy who sent the photo.

    He says it is Midland Tar Distillers tank wagon and numbered 825 but I don't have a record of this number - anyone else?

  • Ben Williams

    30 May 2017, 08:03:48

    Confirmed not 041406 but very similar in design I think.

    If anyone is interested in it let me know and I can put you in touch with the right person.

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