Photo of 041450 at Leeds Neville Hill T&RSMD

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  • Leeds Neville Hill T&RSMD
  • 23 May 2004
  • © Ben Williams


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    26 March 2006, 23:54:19

    Can someone tell me what this contraption does please?

  • ian saunders

    26 November 2007, 17:01:35

    it appears to be a former farm type liquid manure tank mounted on a former 20 to BR brake van chassis, I would imagine that it is used for emptying toilets on coaching stock.


    26 November 2007, 21:16:39

    Thanks for the info Ian.

    Its several years since I've seen it so I don't know what its like now.

    We did try for a visit some weeks back but were refused permission.

    Apparently they were upset about some previous visitors posting pix on the web.


  • ian saunders

    27 November 2007, 20:25:11

    if your trying to get a look over Neville Hill you can see the rear side from East end park and you can travel past on the rail side by catching a train from Leeds to Crossgates, there are several IU vehicles stabled alongside the running lines as a rule

  • Peter

    3 February 2011, 15:32:41

    Drain Cleaner ( vac )

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