Departmentals, Test Trains & Internal Users - 041645 - IU guards van type CAO

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041645 - IU guards van type CAO

Photo of 041645 at Diss

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  • Diss
  • 7 December 2002
  • © Vince


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  • Christopher Fuller

    27 February 2007, 17:10:12

    These two wagons have been here for a long time. very rare to find a brake van that is still on the main line redundant which has not been preserved. Although, maby one day before it all turns to dust, i will.

  • Andy Prime

    27 February 2007, 20:02:23

    It must have had a really rough shunt to lose a bufferhead like that, on the other pic the suspension also looks twisted, probably got a bent frame then..

  • Ben Williams

    27 February 2007, 20:30:28

    ... or someone has nicked it!

  • John Randall

    27 February 2007, 23:02:02

    I remember taking the Ipswich breakdown gang out in about 94 to rerail this after the Redland self discharge train (which delivered stone for the Diss by pass) had been in collision with it, whilst being propelled into the same siding which is where all the damage come from!

  • Dave Farrow

    3 March 2007, 17:55:41

    The buffer head was flamed torched by a member of breakdown gang to release the self discharge train! I was with John on that shout.

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