Photo of 041966 at Stratford TMD

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  • Stratford TMD
  • 9 July 1983
  • © Andy Prime


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  • Andy Prime

    1 January 2008, 13:06:24

    The number DB 966601 doesn't fit in to any well defined wagon number series that I can see, so what was going on here then ?

  • RetroGoth

    7 January 2008, 07:16:28

    Can anyone make out what else is printed on the tank body apart from the running number? This would make an easy subject to model with one of those weathered Hornby 'Thomas' range tankers.

  • Ben Williams

    7 January 2008, 08:52:05

    I've had a look at the original but its still very obscured - all I can make out is part of the word "Stratford" and "recovery" underneath - which isn't too helpful. Andy may have more.

  • Andy Prime

    7 January 2008, 17:24:08

    I'm glad you asked me that ! Thanks to Digital ICE and other such wonders the lettering reads

    "Stratford Motive Power Depot

    Recovered Oil Tank

    To Travel between Stratford

    L'Pool St, Parkestone and

    Temple Mills"

    Doesn't help with the numbering though which seems to fall in the old plant numbering ranges.

  • Peter Cummings

    7 January 2008, 19:07:20

    As it had sat bolted to that spot for as long as I can remember, you do wonder when it made its last run to Parkeston and back.


  • AP.

    13 February 2009, 14:30:17

    It appears to be ex-Great Western, very similar to DW 439xx vehicles.

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