Photo of 041989 at Toton TMD

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  • Toton TMD
  • June 2001
  • © Bryan Dawes


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  • Simon Jones

    16 August 2002, 15:34:40

    This was ADB975423 and was noted at Shirebrook on 6.5.1989

  • Simon Jones

    20 September 2002, 20:21:10

    I just got a negative developed of this vehicle which I took when it was at Shirebrook 6.5.1989. Although I suspect that at that time it had bogies (as it was in a bay) my photo has it in a very murky "pond scum" green livery

  • Tony Mason

    16 May 2019, 08:13:56

    Hi Greg

    I noticed you saw this van recently. Is it still only viewable once you are on site or can you see it from a public area ,Thanks

  • Ben Williams

    16 May 2019, 08:18:31

    Hi Tony- Greg did comment on this recently but on the vehicle page rather than here. He says it is visible from rear entrance to depot near canal.

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