Photo of 042196 at Blyth Cambois

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  • Blyth Cambois
  • 12 July 2003
  • © Charles Tallis


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  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    26 July 2003, 19:38:59

    If you look closely you will see that someone (local youths I suspect) have rammed sleepers under the tank and have cut the holding bolts, so I presume they have tried to leaver the tank out of the frame for "a laugh". It seems this tanks and the 20t brake a Cambois TMD have been forgotton by EWS.

  • Ben

    26 July 2003, 21:49:21

    I have another shot of this tank taken from the other side which will appear soon on the site - it has "JARVIS" crudely painted on it in huge letters - surely this doesnt belong to Jarvis of OTP fame?

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    3 August 2003, 18:42:50

    I think it is just grafitti - If you venture into the depot you will see more examples. (NB it is NOT recommended to visits Cambois without boots, etc. and you're best off letting the staff at Freemans LC know you're there). Have a look at http://www.northumbria-rail-group.org.uk/bandtr.htm for more pictures of Cambois MPD.

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