Photo of 070840 at Swansea Landore T&RSMD

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  • Swansea Landore T&RSMD
  • 9 November 1985
  • © Andy Prime


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  • wardog

    10 August 2007, 18:58:55

    can anyone tell me what this was use for thanks

  • SD0853

    10 August 2007, 19:48:49

    I think it was a Waste oil / Sludge carrier.

  • wardog

    11 August 2007, 12:55:56

    thanks anyone know what class it came from

  • john majka

    7 July 2009, 22:09:34

    i recently went on holiday this year 2009 and called at wilton station on the west somerset railway when looking down the platform could see a green tender standing alone near the bottom shed but this tender seemed to be in good condition could any one confirm this was the tender above the date seen was 22/05/09

  • Leon

    8 July 2009, 18:41:25

    I think the tender above is from a ROD class 04 2-8-0 as the GWR did have some after the ww1 .

    The tender at Wiliton is off one of the manors

  • Phil Hetherington

    9 July 2009, 13:33:12

    There was more than one ROD/O4 tender modified in this way - one was acquired without wheelsets (possibly also from the West Somerset? I forget) and parts used in the restoration of the one now preserved behind loco 63601, the remains (I think) being scrapped. I can't say whether 63601's tender used the frames which came from the NRM with the loco or the ones from the water carrier, or whether that was this one or another one. I believe the one mentioned at the West Somerset is similar (I've never seen it myself).

  • Brian H Williams

    11 July 2009, 11:26:50

    This tender had been at Landore for ages- it was there when I used to visit in the late 1960s. The ex-ROD tenders went to Collett '2251' 0-6-0s after the withdrawal of the RODs, I believe.

  • Steve Cross

    12 December 2009, 17:27:30

    Sludge Tender. Ex-R.O.D. Tender. Transferred 09/79. Info from Platform 5 Dept. Coaching Stock book 3rd Ed 1987.

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