Photo of 082764 at Eastleigh Works

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  • Eastleigh Works
  • 12 October 1986
  • © Andy Prime


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  • ian saunders

    20 December 2007, 10:14:36

    this looks like a tightlock barrier wagon, it has buffers at 1 end and a vestibule rubbing plate and no buffers at the other end

  • SD0853

    22 December 2007, 15:36:31

    That's just a standard "Buckeye" coupling not a "Tightlock" so it' probably just a match wagon for shunting 400 series units about

  • Andy Prime

    1 January 2008, 20:50:54

    Any guidance on the wheelsets ? they look like SECR split spoke to me but just from other pics. Any details on the crane that this worked with before becoming IU ?. Finally, what is the purpose of the yellow vertical poles with discs attached, is it just so you can see it outside of a loco/EMU cab or does it just mark the buckeye end ?

  • SD0853

    1 January 2008, 21:12:11

    The yellow markers are so that you can see it from the cab of a shunt loco. The YEC loco "Tiny2" that works at Crewe loco has a selection of these flags/markers that are attached to bogies when they are being shunted around the works so that they are easier to see whilst driving.

  • Steve Cross

    12 December 2009, 15:51:49

    Match wagon. Transferred 12/67 (breakdown crane match wagon Dia 1919). Info from Platform 5 Dept. Coaching Stock book 3rd Ed 1987.

  • Paul Bartlett

    1 April 2010, 21:44:21

    Other photographs taken at the same date at http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/p64012426.html and http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/p64012422.html

  • Paul Walter Bartlett

    5 December 2013, 10:25:52

    The information, taken from a Platform 5 book appears to be completely incorrect as to the earlier use of this vehicle. There are several photographs of DS35 in Tatlow, Peter (2012) Railway Breakdown Cranes: Volume 1 The Story of Steam Breakdown Cranes on the Railways of Britain. Publ. Noodle Books ISBN 13: 9781906419691. pages 174 - 179 which show the match wagons are quite different - they are noticeably longer.

    This vehicle has LSWR axleboxes.

  • Jon Horswell

    5 December 2013, 10:55:24

    What is the identity of the NSE liveried vehicle behind? It appears to be numbered '051'. Is it tractor unit 051?

  • Andy Prime

    11 December 2013, 20:34:38

    I agree that it looks nothing like the published photos of DS35, or SR 35S. From its size, it looks more like a conversion of a relieving bogie or perhaps it was itself a LSWR four wheel works crane. I am intrigued by the plates on the solebar which appear to have held something extending vertically downwards (a running board perhaps)

    From the riveting, it appears symmetrical so not a cut and shut, it also has a fairly unique looking brake lever which bends 90 degrees around the axlebox, and then another 90 degree bend upwards before it then goes horizontal again.

  • Ben Williams

    19 December 2013, 13:09:13

    Thanks for info guys - I've taken off DS35 as the former identity and a note to say this. Seems to have a number plate on it? Or was this a "BR INTERNAL" one?

  • Andy Prime

    19 December 2013, 22:02:22

    It is a BR Internal user plate Ben, but you can see, by the rust behind, that it has been placed over the position of a former makers plate, the

    shape of which is unfamiliar to me.

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