Photo of 083117 at Eastleigh

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  • Eastleigh
  • 17 April 1981
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Andy Prime

    28 September 2009, 13:12:57

    Was this in a train of IU vehicles en-route for scrapping ?

  • Simon Jones

    28 September 2009, 16:32:08

    I note 082951 next to it doesn't show up on the site.

  • Bob Wallace

    29 September 2009, 14:12:27

    I have a note against both vehicles that they were officialy disposed of 6/1980, so the en-route to scrapping comment appears correct.

    Before any hopes are raised, although I have a listing of Southampton Dock Internals other then a number and type [open/van] no information appears to have been recorded on the Internal User listing of previous numbers - unless you know better

  • Martin Allen

    29 September 2009, 14:42:33

    Simon: Sorry, no photo of 082951, I must have been running short of film on that day!

  • Martin Allen

    29 September 2009, 14:45:29

    This is a former LNER wagon, previously E 277470.

  • Martin Allen

    3 October 2009, 12:52:34

    This wagon is to LNER diagram number 210. Transfered to Internal User 13-3-71. The exact date of withdrawl (according to the official record books) is 10-6-80.

  • Simon Jones

    21 October 2009, 19:08:14

    Hi Martin,

    What I meant was that if you search for 082951 you get no results so the wagon is still something of a mystery

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