Photo of 083292 at Tunbridge Wells West

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  • Tunbridge Wells West
  • date unknown
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Martin Allen

    2 February 2009, 13:34:00

    I have noted this wagon as being ex. Shell BP number A 7363.

  • Ben Williams

    3 February 2009, 17:09:19

    No more details are available for this tank so if anyone knows any more please let me know.

  • Bob Wallace

    4 February 2009, 08:47:57

    bought by BR and numbered ADB 999017, BR records give it a 1941 build date.

    TOPS coded ZRO ZR320A.

    Condemned period 8 in 1977 and transferred to internal use at Tonbridge C&W in the same period.

    Bob Wallace

  • Martin Allen

    8 March 2009, 17:46:57

    This wagon is from the batch of 100 built in World War 2 by the SR at Lancing works for the Air Ministry, between 11-40 and 3-41. The tank barrels were supplied by an outside contractor, but we can perhaps detect the hand of O.V. Bullied in the design of the tank saddles, which unusually are welded fabrications instead of the more usual timber baulks.

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