Photo of 083633 at Brighton T&RSMD

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  • Brighton T&RSMD
  • 11 August 1998
  • © Brian Loughlin


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  • Phil Scott

    1 August 2006, 22:22:42

    Does anyone know what this coach's former identity was when numbered in the 93xxx series?

    Have this and 083632 been sold or are they likely to be scrapped?

  • Keir Hardie

    5 August 2006, 03:36:53

    according to the page under 'sightings' it was 94055

  • Phil Scott

    8 August 2006, 00:37:12

    I have since done some more of my own research. The Platform 5 locos and coaching stock book 2006 lists 083633 as previously being numbered 93724, which was the number it carried before it was re-numbered 94055.

    So to summarise, the numbering history of this vehicle is:

    86724 -> 93724 -> 94055 -> 083633

  • John Silverthorne

    8 August 2006, 20:09:55

    Was still at Brighton at North end of Lovers Walk sheds now moved outside since depot upgraded for 377s. Presume for sale? 083632 was trapped inside old Pullman sheds but to move to Swindon & Cricklade when access issue is resolved.

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