Photo of 096034 at Thurso

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  • Thurso
  • 24 January 2009
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Ben Williams

    24 February 2009, 11:22:16

    This has been confirmed by its owner as the van which once resided at Thurso, then moved north to the owner's garden near Brough but is now back in a yard in Thurso again! It carries no ID but is almost certainly this van.

  • Andy Prime

    24 February 2009, 13:21:12

    Not present at Thurso on 11/08/1982 when 096035 was present.

    Bizarre movement history for a van body ! did someone get the guilts about 'acquiring' it ;o)

  • Ben Williams

    24 February 2009, 13:40:40

    It is - but Brian spoke to the owner Bernard Heath before his trip so it should hopefully be accurate!

    Regarding 096035 we think this may be the van opposite the station - photo on the site tomorrow. It looks to be the same type as this one but it will be good to get some expert feedback!

  • Andy Prime

    25 February 2009, 22:20:44

    This van seems to be an LMS D1676 vehicle, see LMS Wagons Vol 1 p129 (R.J.Essery), numbers were allocated randomly so former identity could be anything. Built 1924-28.

  • Paul Cheesemore

    27 February 2009, 17:52:32

    So ID of TDM120434 shown in various books may be wrong???

  • Andy Prime

    27 February 2009, 22:12:42

    I should think that M120434 is correct, I don't believe there was a former identity shown on this site when I made that earlier remark. Either that or I am going mad !

  • Ben Williams

    28 February 2009, 10:28:04

    No the previous IDs for these two have always been there I'm afraid! Assume what is in the old IU book? Both have TDM numbers which I assume fits with the LMS design...?

  • Brian Stanway

    2 July 2009, 00:21:27

    Someone out there nows the ID of this van :-) Bernard told me that an enthusiast visited many years ago before he took the van to Brough and asked him if he could have the plate(s) off it, Bernard helped him take them off....LOL.

  • Tim Woodrow

    26 October 2010, 21:59:20

    I have Bernard J Heath here in Aberdeen just now ... amazed to find this web page! We will try to get an updated photograph posted soon ...

  • Ben Williams

    5 July 2018, 20:10:47

    This one was still present though today in the private yard near station (but visible from Lovers Lane.)

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