096055 & 096056

Photo of 096055 & 096056 at Perth

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  • Perth
  • 17 April 1994
  • © Charles Tallis


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  • Ben Williams

    19 February 2009, 14:17:59

    Kevin and others have recently made the following observations about these two coaches:

    "There is a mix-up with the numbering of two white LNER departmentals at

    GCR. (23981 Open Third and 24080 Rest. Buffet)

    Recent visits to Swithland in the last year or so have confirmed that

    the LNER Open Third carries 096055. The other vehicle is unnumbered (but

    would be 096056).

    Roger Butcher lists 096055 as DE321069 (the RB) and 096056 as DE321070

    (the TTO) - which is also reflected in departmentals.com and VCT.

    Peter Hall advises that Rogers book is based on the official RSL records

    and what was applied to the vehicle in reality.

    Therefore it would seem that the IU numbers have been wrongly applied.

    Philip Hetherington (GCR) has checked this again for me, and has

    confirmed that it is the TTO that carries 096055.

    Also, that GCR have not numbered / re-numbered these vehicles at all.

    Therefore, it seems that the wrong IU numbers must have been wrongly

    applied at Perth.

    I do not know whether this means that the departmental numbers were

    wrongly applied also - seems unlikely.

    The VCT records have yet to be updated on this, so present webpages do

    not reflect this information.

    Perhaps if anyone has photos of the vehicles at Perth (Charles' photo on

    Departmentals isn't helpful in this respect) - it may help to solve the


    Would be happy to hear from anyone who could shed any light (or can

    prove otherwise if I've made some hideous mistake!!)

    Kevin Stroud"


    20 February 2009, 15:25:00

    I've got a photo of the same coaches in Perth from a different angle and I suspect prior to 2002 I'll see what I can come up with but it is a 6x4 picture so unsure about scanning potential.

  • Dave Cullingworth (LNERCA)

    21 February 2009, 18:54:37

    The vehicle in the foreground is definately the Buffet Car (Dia 167) not the Open Third. I can tell this from the windows and position of external doors.

    I believe the Open Third was of the Dia 186 variety of which several are in preservation.

  • Phil Hetherington

    1 April 2009, 19:00:19

    Further to confirming that the TTO still carries 096055, the owner of the RB has just confirmed to me that when he bought it it carried 096056.

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