DW 150323

Photo of DW 150323 at Norwood Junction

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  • Norwood Junction
  • 17 May 1983
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Martin Allen

    20 March 2009, 22:08:57

    This van is a GWR "Siphon G", ex. W 2798, diagram O22. It was not in exhibition train service at the time, but coupled between two of Fisons weedkilling train vans, (ex. GWR Full Brake) spray coaches. No doubt because the vacuum brake rating only allows like-for-like GWR coaches to be coupled together.

    Incredibly for such a late date, the livery was maroon sides with black ends. Apart from a couple of Mk.1 coaches dedicated to Royal Train working and possibly one Vale of Rhiedol (narrow gauge) coach, I can't think of any other BR coaches still in maroon livery in 1983.

  • Brian H Williams

    21 March 2009, 12:00:22

    It's one of the ones which were modified for Ambulance Train use during WW2, I believe, hence the replacement of the louvres by windows. Quite a few of these found their way into use on the WR newspaper trains in the 1960s- the fold-down shelves, originally fitted to allow other goods to be carried above the churns, were useful to hold stretchers, and then to serve as packing tables for the newspaper sorters.

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