DM 189972

Photo of DM 189972 at Machynlleth

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DM 189972.

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  • Machynlleth
  • 7 February 1997
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Paul Bartlett

    15 January 2009, 23:05:56

    With the exception of the prefixes this number is almost certainly the original running number. This would appear to be one of the LMS diag. 1820 Creosote wagons. Essery LMS wagons vol. 1 says there were 10; 9 built in 1929 on lot 475 which included 189979. I have published a photo of the similar 189973 - Bartlett, Paul W. (1985) Midland Railway gas tar tanks. Journal the Historical Model Railway Society vol. 12 (part 4), pp 133 - 135.

  • Martin Allen

    18 January 2009, 10:29:58

    Dear Paul, Agreed. I have another photo of this wagon taken from the opposite angle, which shows the two flanged connections at the other end of the barrel, these are clearly illustrated on the LMS diagram 1820. Evidently these flanges only exist on one end of the tank.

  • Ben Williams

    16 June 2016, 08:24:34

    We have another problem with these tanks!

    I've just received a photo of what we currently have as 023204 clearly carrying number DM189972 and also 023204 faintly above it! So it seems these are the same wagon and former ID of 023204 may be wrong?

    So what does that make this one?!

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