Photo of 395136 at Wolverton Works

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  • Wolverton Works
  • 12 September 2008
  • © Peter Wreford


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  • Eddie Devall

    7 March 2009, 10:04:11

    There must have been some loud creaking noises when this first started to move!

    Fantastic to see that it is to be restored. A little more than the usual upgrade work for the boys at Wolverton!

    What of its future and who is picking up the bill?

    Finally, what is the vehicle next to it?


  • Ben Williams

    7 March 2009, 10:29:51

    I can't answer some of your questions but the vehicle behind is 395455 - also from Crewe. Photo on the site soon.

  • Ben Williams

    24 October 2010, 20:24:45

    Doesn't look very good for these two coaches now - dumped in a siding outside the works...

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