Photo of 395462 at Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough

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  • Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough
  • Exact date unknown - 1967
  • © Alex Betteney Collection


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  • Rich Mackin

    20 April 2008, 00:18:44

    The big question is - what would an OHL coach be doing on Teesside in the 60s??

  • Ben Williams

    20 April 2008, 15:33:55

    Good point - this was obviously a later role! Label now changed!

  • SD0853

    20 April 2008, 19:23:55

    Wasn't there some third rail around Teeside in the early 60's, perhaps it's electrification of a different kind than OHLE, such as Third Rail?

  • Rich Mackin

    20 April 2008, 20:30:20

    Shildon-Newport (Stockton) was wired at 1500V DC back in 1914 but a decline in local coal traffic meant the wires came down in 1935. Nothing else electric on Teesside, though Tyneside had third rail until the mid-1960s.

  • Bryan

    21 April 2008, 11:10:03

    Wasn't the Dock branch in Newcastle overhead electric? till 50 - 60s

  • SD0853

    21 April 2008, 19:47:31

    It was the Tyneside 3rd rail I was thinking of. Cheers

  • Paul Johnson

    4 May 2008, 20:55:20

    Just a thought, but i believe the overhead electified branch from Manors(Newcastle) to the Quayside would have been dewired in 1967 when all electric services on Tyneside were discontinued. The branch was mostly in a tight semi-circular tunnel so a small/short O.H.L coach would only fit in the tunnel. This sighting could be either on its way to Newcastle or going elsewhere.

  • Peter Hall

    16 September 2019, 22:07:47

    The picture at Cargo Fleet is not of DM395645 but of something else. DM395645 was converted from a bogied coach and the vehicle pictured was converted from a 6-whl LNWR CCT.

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