RDB 511023

Photo of RDB 511023 at Derby RTC

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  • 511023 - High Speed Freight Vehicle (HSFV1)

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  • Derby RTC
  • 8 March 2005
  • © Dave Coxon


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  • Ben Williams

    6 December 2008, 09:31:26

    More info here


    Still awaiting confirmation whether this is still at Derby - any updated sightings welcome, thanks!

  • SD0853

    6 December 2008, 13:05:21

    Well it was still there last week in it's long term storage area outside RAMPART's

  • Dave Coxon

    29 December 2008, 09:53:33

    My sources tell me that NRM is interested in preserving HSFV1 and it will be exhibited alongside APT-E

  • Paul Leadley

    2 September 2009, 19:15:46

    Yes, its still there in the Serco yard.

    The APT-E support group is in the process of trying to preserve it..........

  • Harold Nicolson

    2 September 2009, 19:50:03

    The underframe of the DC460000 is similar to the one on the HSFV1 ?

  • SD0853

    3 September 2009, 19:30:58

    I hope it does get preserved, i'd also like to see one of Lab 1's bogies saved along the same lines, or alternatively perhaps "Lab 1" would be an ideal support coach for the APT lads.

  • Paul Leadley

    14 October 2009, 15:03:19

    Serco have donated HSFV1 to the APT-E Conservation & Support Group.

    All we need to do now is find it a good home.

    Lab 1 is still at the RTC and we have been told it is being scrapped ASAP, it still has its LC1 bogies, the last APT bogies.

  • SD0853

    14 October 2009, 20:07:58

    Somoeone was at the RTC today looking at HSFV1. It'd be nice if it went to Shildon to be part of the APT story. The NRM spends enough money on other projects (like a certain green water boiler), this wagon and the APT deserve to have there story told at properly. Glad to hear the wagon has been saved. Good luck for the future.

  • Paul Leadley

    2 December 2009, 12:52:21


    The people at the RTC on the 14th October was myself and Kit Spackman, we where inspectiing it to see if we could do anything with it.

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    2 December 2009, 21:33:03

    Paul - I can probably arrange on track storage space for you but it would be outside at present.

  • Ben Williams

    2 May 2010, 10:45:27

    About to move to Coventry apparently...

  • ian saunders

    2 May 2010, 15:00:35

    poor thing is doomed then :(

  • Jonathan Flood

    3 May 2010, 15:52:08

    See http://www.apt-e.org/hsfv1/hsfv1.htm for more details

  • Napster

    13 May 2010, 09:11:30

    A road vehicle arrived at RTC yesterday to collect HSFV1, but it didn't go without a fight as it had a minor derailment.

  • Napster

    14 May 2010, 09:55:05

    HSFV1 left Derby RTC this morning courtesy of Moveright.

  • Paul Leadley

    23 May 2010, 16:51:23

    HSFV1 is now in temp storage at Moverights yard.

    In a few weeks it will bw moving to its new home,

    The Electric Railway Museum in Coventry.

    HSFV1 is now owned by the APT-E Support Group.

  • Paul Leadley

    23 May 2010, 16:53:22

    Sorry David,

    I didnt read your post about an offer of on track storage.

    Would have come in very handy, so very sorry.



  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    25 May 2010, 19:28:12

    No problems Paul.

  • Harold Nicolson

    7 July 2010, 17:17:17

    Thanks Ben for the further information about the HSFV1-4.

  • Paul Leadley

    21 July 2010, 17:03:29

    HSFV1 is now at its new long term home, The Electric Railway Museum in Coventry.

    It will be on display during the sites open day in September.


    APT-E and HSFV1 Support Group.

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