Photo of 68504 at Eastleigh

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  • 68504 - Translator vehicle

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  • Eastleigh
  • 5 December 2007
  • © David Mant


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  • Ben Williams

    19 December 2007, 21:25:56

    This and its 3 sisters were on their way from Barrow Hill (via Tonbridge) to the former Eastleigh works where they are currently stored awaiting their call to duty....?

  • ian saunders

    29 December 2007, 19:53:15

    have these vehicles had their cab ends painted black making their driving cabs redundant and also do they still have any traction equipment fitted

  • Simon Bendall

    29 December 2007, 22:38:41

    Driving cabs have been reactivated on all four, they will operate as two sets in push/pull mode with 73212 and 73213 in between.

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