Departmentals, Test Trains & Internal Users - 86902 - Network Rail Mobile Load Bank Locomotive

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86902 - Network Rail Mobile Load Bank Locomotive

Photo of 86902 at York

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  • 86902 - Mobile Load Bank "RAIL VEHICLE ENGINEERING"

Photo details

  • York
  • 20 January 2006
  • © Alex Drennan


Your comments

  • Brian Reginald Storey

    27 August 2015, 21:41:29

    Stored at CF Booth Rotherham for scrapping

  • Dan Adkins

    28 August 2015, 15:28:14

    I thought it was on hold for Hungary, has this plan changed?

  • Brian Reginald Storey

    29 August 2015, 16:24:20

    Yes the plans must have changed Dan

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