Photo of 92901 at Alstom, Stonebridge Park

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  • Alstom, Stonebridge Park
  • 13 February 2007
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Ben Williams

    4 February 2017, 08:12:55

    I believe this van is still in the Wembley area but not here at the Alstom shed.

  • Jon Horswell

    4 February 2017, 09:49:24

    Is the BR brakevan an IU as well?

  • Ben Williams

    4 February 2017, 17:16:27

    I'm not sure what the brake van was used for or its number. Brian will know :)

  • Ben Williams

    5 February 2017, 10:55:39

    The brake van is apparently 951338 which is now preserved at Mid Hants Railway. Thanks to Mick and Brian

  • Greg Hartle

    7 February 2017, 15:14:51

    This vehicle drives me mad.....every year I visit London, and travel to the Wembley area to try and view it and it's nowhere to be seen! Oh well, maybe This year eh...

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