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  • Derby RTC
  • 12 September 2002
  • © Bryan Dawes


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  • Jamie M

    22 October 2002, 16:26:41

    Can that really do 125MPH??? and what bogies are they?

  • R Turner

    24 October 2002, 23:19:29

    I believe the bogie designation is LC1as painted on them. They are I assume an APT derivative.

  • ian saunders

    13 March 2007, 18:42:56

    did this vehicle spend all its research life on these bogies ?

  • Jon Horswell

    4 June 2007, 00:09:53

    A bit off the beaten track but does anyone actually know why the ADB, RDB and TDB prefixes were specifically chosen for the departmental number series?

  • Ben

    4 June 2007, 00:18:38

    I answered this recently so am able to copy and paste my answer here!

    Basically the DB part is from the old BR classification for departmental conversions which was actually part of the wagon series. There were the DW, DE, DM, DS regional ones and DB was the all-region prefix.

    The letter before that referred to the department which owned it.

    A = Regional Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

    C = BREL

    K = Regional S&T Engineer

    L = RM & EE Electrical Construction

    R = Research Department

    T = Traffic Department

    X = Stores Department

    Z = Public Relations & Publicity

    I'm quoting from the front of one of the old Platform 5 departmental books - see the books section for details!

  • Jon Horswell

    4 June 2007, 01:07:55

    Thanks very much for the info. Something similar for track machines then with DR, DX and DRP?

  • Ben

    4 June 2007, 01:30:09

    Oh we're into a whole new ball game there probably best reserved for the sister website ;) From memory though DR were registered for TOPS but DX weren't. The third letter usually referred to the make of vehicle - P for Plasser etc.

  • Evan Rees

    18 October 2007, 08:11:25

    Yes, the bogies are of an APT derivative, as are the ones under Laboratory 4. The two vehicles were positioned on eaither end of the APT 'POP' train.

  • Evan Rees

    21 October 2007, 03:37:50

    I would like to correct myself about the testing 975000 was involved in. It never ran as part of the APT 'POP' train, and neither did Lab 4 'Hastings', although it was used to develop the APT-E's tilting system. Lab 1 was used in trials of the BR/Brecknell Willis pantograph for the APT-P at old Dalby.

  • Evan Rees

    22 October 2007, 07:24:35

    In further to my comments on this vehicle, it was used in the testing of numerous other pantographs and, with Lab 6 'Prometheus', was used in evaluation tests for the positioning of the power cars for the proposed HST-E (HST-Electric). Also the LC1/1 markings on the bogie indicate that it belongs to Lab Coach 1 (1/2) and on the other it reads LC1/2.

  • Dave Coxon

    11 October 2008, 22:02:50

    Lab One was originally fitted with BR1 bogies

  • Dave Coxon

    5 April 2009, 21:43:04

    Lab One was converted from a Mk1 coach No:M1003 into a laboratory coach numbered RDB975000 in the early 1970s. It was built for the Dynamics Group of the R&DD and was based at the RTC, Derby and later fitted with APT-E trailer bogies for high speed work.

    It was used for a variety of main line work including curving tests utilising HSFV1, fitted with Load Measuring Wheels, which took place initially in Cornwall and later on the Conway Valley line in North Wales in October 1976.

    It was also used extensively in the development of the BR/BW high speed pantograph mainly at the Old Dalby test track in the late 1970's, where it was used for both dynamic and static testing, although it was used on the main line under 25kV on one occasion

  • John Liddle

    15 February 2011, 22:26:56

    Does anyone know what has happened to this vehicle? It has been moved from its long time storage postion at the Derby RTC in the last week or so, destination a scrapyard somewhere?


    21 February 2011, 20:43:22

    According to my RTC source, Lab 1 is still there but together with Test Car 4 they are about to be moved to Old Dalby but I don't know why yet.

    It would be nice if they could be saved from the scrap man

  • napster

    23 February 2011, 12:09:02

    To the best of my knowledge, the vehicles mentioned by Paul are still owned by Serco, the former operators of the RTC yard. Network Rail acquired some stock from Serco in July 2010 when the new Infastructure Monitoring contracts began, but NR had no need for these vehicles. 975000 is still at RTC today but as Paul states, there is a desire for them to be removed from the RTC for the above reasons. Old Dalby is currently operated by Serco, so therefore it makes sense to move them there. The move will be undertaken by road I believe.

  • Billy J

    24 February 2011, 18:30:52

    I hope some of you guys on here can help me with the formation of a train I would like to model.

    I think it included this coach and Prometheus.

    In the early eighties a test train ran out of Craigentinny for a couple of weeks to do pantograph tests between Carstairs and Carlisle. I recall seeing it as it returned to EC in the evenings.

    It was made up of a rake of out of use Mk3 kitchen cars 405xx series, with a RTC lab on each end and then a HST power car on each end to power it.

    I know its an outside chance, but someone just might have noted down what each car was.

  • Billy J

    26 February 2011, 20:27:33

    I found some mor info on the traintesting website, it was July 1982 and the train ran with up to 10 intermediate cars including TC1 & 6 at speeds of up to 150mph.

    Although the formation varied it involved 8 TRFKs and at least 2 TGS.

    I would love to know the identities of these along with the power cars used.

  • Ben Williams

    25 May 2011, 21:54:34

    This finally left Derby this morning - destination thought to be Ruddington.

  • Shane Wilton

    29 August 2011, 09:25:58

    Can anyone confirm the current location of the vehicle. I was to in May that it had gone to Asfordby, that one side had been painted yellow and that the vehicle owners, Serco, where planning to convert it into and test vehilce. For what purpose I do not know, but it would be capable of 150mph.

  • Paul Worthington

    16 July 2012, 21:52:56

    Lab 1 is still at Ruddington in the same condition it was when it left the RTC .

  • Shane Wilton

    21 July 2012, 19:13:31

    Well that's some relief. I don't know where some people get there info!

  • steve rimell

    18 September 2013, 19:37:30

    Still at Ruddington, as of 2/9/13

  • Kit Spackman

    1 May 2017, 21:46:59

    To clarify the bogies used by Lab 1 in its later life, the LC1s were non-tilting versions of the H4Xs used on Lab 4. The H4Xs were the FIRST APT-P bogies, and were not developed from APT-P bogies, it was the other way round. LC1s had some heavy duty vertical and horizontal dampers that were not fitted to H4Xs, and they can be seen on the later photos of Lab 1.

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