Photo of 975013 at Edinburgh Craigentinny CS

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  • Edinburgh Craigentinny CS
  • 13 June 1971
  • © Keith Gunner


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  • David W.R..Kerr

    16 August 2005, 09:14:13

    This vehicle was still at Craigentinny when I worked their in the summer of 1975. It was used as a store for the "Exmover" chemicals used for external carriage cleaning. It had been subjected to a "roughshunt" at some stage as the buffers/buffer beam at the driving cab had been displaced (pointing down towards the ground) Craigentinny Depot was being redeveloped for the introduction of the HSTs and this vehicle was removed by rail to Millerhill shortly after.

  • Alec Ralph

    3 April 2012, 07:31:37

    I note that both of the Derby Lightweight DTCLs (DB975013 and DB975014) are shown as "Staff Messrooms". My query is as to whether anyone can say whether this was their primary purpose when they entered departmental use circa June 1967?

    Alec Ralph

  • Alec Ralph

    16 April 2012, 07:47:53

    I now understand that these vehicles were used as "Staff Messrooms" immdiately on entering departmental use.

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