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  • 975280 - Structure Gauging Train Support coach. Formerly Laboratory 18 "Mercury"

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  • London Euston
  • date unknown
  • © British Rail


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  • Ben

    3 May 2004, 21:56:49

    This now forms part of the structure gauging train with 975081, 460000, 977985 and 977986

  • Ben Williams

    23 November 2004, 08:36:54

    Mercury - a former Southern Region passenger coach, modified to take laboratory equipment, a 25KVA diesel generator and catering facilities for the technical staff.

    Used in the transponder research investigating methods of track-train communication, leading to the development of the Control APT (C-APT) System.

    During 1974 the test coach was hitched to any convenient train operating between London and Birmingham, travelling over this route three times a day, it allowed the initial transponders performance to be analysed.

    Thanks to info from http://www.apt-p.com

  • Malcolm Muir

    11 July 2006, 12:06:04

    The coach is a BCK. First and Second compartments with two toilets. One at the Second class end and the second at the First class end and before the door and brake compartment.

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