Photo of 975397 at Crewe Basford Hall

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  • Crewe Basford Hall
  • 27 August 1995
  • © Robert Volland


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  • Alan Barrow

    2 October 2006, 21:14:53

    Has any one have photos of this coach in blue and red, plus photos of both sides ???

  • Dave Bower

    15 August 2018, 12:51:51

    This test coach was first used by the DM&EE in 1974, after the original Test Car 2 was damaged during a test, and subsequently withdrawn from use and scrapped. This replacement coach was built in 1962 at Wolverton in Lot 30699 as a British Rail Mk 1 BSK number 35386 and fitted with Commonwealth bogies. The coach was temporarily adapted for use by the DM&EE and renumbered ADB975397 in 1974, receiving various further modifications in 1976 to become the second generation Test Car 2 with a TOPS code of QXX. Test Car 2 was predominantly used for slip/brake testing, being a regular visitor to the normal slip/brake test site on the West Coast Main Line between Crewe and Winsford. More details about Test Car 2 and slip/brake testing can be found in my book about ‘Rail Vehicle Testing’ ISBN- 9781999935603.

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