Photo of 975403 at Bristol St. Philips Marsh

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  • Bristol St. Philips Marsh
  • 27 May 2002
  • © Byron Chamberlain


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  • Jon Horswell

    16 March 2007, 22:40:24

    What excatly do they show in this coach. Assume it to be instructional and safety videos for staff. Is it a, by now, unique feature in the uk?

  • justin hiscox

    13 September 2007, 23:50:49

    above coach 975403 is still in situ at 82B st phillips marsh and is used for managment talks and the like though its in a rather poor condition has not been used as a cinema coach now for well over five years i know i worked on it painting it and refurb on it thanks yours j hiscox........

  • Steve Foxon

    11 July 2008, 14:56:14

    Does anybody have any more recent pictures of this vehicle? Anybody have access to it at the minute? I am interested to know whether the cinema seats are still in situ and if the vehicle is still original inside - I notice two of the windows have been exposed since it's cinema days. I was a regular visitor to this coach at open days all over the network!

    Any help on this would be fantastic - thanks. Steve Foxon.

  • Intercity 125

    25 October 2014, 19:44:03

    Steve, it is still there and I have some pictures on my flickr photostream and I have put one on here.

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