Photo of 975421 at Mickleover

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  • Mickleover
  • date unknown
  • © British Rail


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  • Chris Thorn

    10 July 2006, 21:01:04

    Thats a very ominous man eating hole on the end. Tapered inlet implies air current/deflection .

  • keith falconer

    28 April 2007, 19:40:32

    when testing the APT-E, i believe some tests involved running through a tunnel with a stationary train on the other line, to measure airflow effects from a train at high speed.

    perhaps this was involved in those? - notice also holes on the coach side, presumably for instrumentation?

  • Robert Frise

    10 June 2009, 19:46:07

    I purchased a builders plate recently which claims to have come from this coach

    It was built in Derby to Lot No 30003 in 1951 Diagram 181 and was converted from a BSK

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