Photo of 975493 at Tyseley

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  • 975493 - BTU Tool & Generator coach

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  • Tyseley
  • 12 August 1989
  • © Dennis Taylor - 80s Rail


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  • Jon Horswell

    9 October 2011, 11:13:15

    I know this is off subject but im interested in the DMU vehicle creeping into shot on the right.

    It looks like it has a Wolverhampton City crest applied to the bodyside. Was this a regular embellishment or a one-off for this unit? Any info is most welcome as I am trying to write a history of modern day depot logos and was not aware of this one. I know Tyseley liked to apply a bear but this is the first time I have seen this logo.

    Thanks in advance


  • Robin Morel

    9 October 2011, 12:44:20

    At that time Tyseley had 55032 (55032 in Midline livery) and 55034 on the books still in normal use unless it's one of the route learning single cars such as 55001 or 55017

  • Robin Morel

    9 October 2011, 12:45:41

    oops 55033 in midline colours that should read, other two blue/grey 032/034

  • Simon Bendall

    9 October 2011, 20:07:41

    Would suggest its the Corby coat of arms and either 55004 or 55011. Dates from when they were used on NSE sponsored Kettering-Corby shuttles.

  • Andrew Cole

    9 October 2011, 20:56:14

    Defintly 004 or 011 having transfered from BY

  • Jon Horswell

    21 October 2011, 23:29:15

    Thanks for all the replys. Probably classed more as an embellishment than a depot logo but interesting all the same.

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