Photo of 975723 at Allelys yard, Studley

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  • 975723 - OHLM Generator & Stores coach

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  • Allelys yard, Studley
  • 28 October 2006
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Ben Williams

    31 October 2006, 23:21:53

    This is the only coach of this set to have escaped cutting at Booths. If anyone knows where it is heading please let me know! There is also a possibility that it is for sale...

  • Rob

    2 November 2006, 19:32:03

    Shame this is now out of service, it was a useful bit of kit. Anyone know what the fate of the Preston OHLM set is? Is it still around? All of the other flat tops as they are know were outlawed years ago. People kept falling off them!!!

  • Duncan Reed

    3 November 2006, 08:00:06

    The Preston set is still at Dock Street, now in blue and white. I think some where chopped by HNRC at Carnforth a couple of years back though.

  • Rob

    3 November 2006, 16:53:07

    There's some good pick's of the Preston set in action on the link below. Any one no of any other shots of the trains in action?http://andrewstransport.fotopic.net/c649864.html

  • Robert Ford

    20 December 2006, 10:55:18

    This is for sale. Contact Robert@allelys.co.uk

  • ian saunders

    12 November 2007, 17:42:50

    does anyone know what the vehicle behind this coach is, it looks like a class 08/09

  • Brian Stanway

    12 November 2007, 19:39:17

    Hi Ian,

    I noted two Class 08's on the day No's 699 & 809. It could be 809 as i have a photo 699 which is next to the Ind loco "Teucer" in a different part of the yard.

    Brgds Brian.

  • ian saunders

    20 November 2007, 12:58:48

    thanks for the info Brian

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