Photo of 975744 at Preston

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  • 975744 - OHLM Office & Staff coach

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  • Preston
  • 15 November 2008
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Rob

    1 February 2009, 21:54:17

    anyone know what the plans are for the Preston OHLM train?

  • Splosh

    2 February 2009, 20:24:58

    It's recently been emptied of the E&P spares etc, and is believed to be up for disposal soon.

  • Tony Kunzmann

    29 July 2009, 10:55:51

    Does anyone know about the folded down platform between the coach roofs? My question is, as there are 6 coaches in the rake there are only 5 gaps. Has one coach got no cross plate or do 2 plates face one another between one set of coaches.

    Cheers Tony.

  • Rob

    3 September 2009, 19:48:27

    I believe this and the rest of the train has now left Preston by rail. Anyone know where for?

  • Ben Williams

    5 September 2009, 08:17:09

    Brian passed earlier this morning and says at least 3 coaches are still there but it was dark at the time.

    He spoke to the signaller whose box overlooks the sidings and he said that they are all going for scrap but will be leaving by road. He didn't think any had left yet though...

  • Splosh

    8 September 2009, 15:18:37

    No, they aren't going for scrap yet - they haven't even been sold. They could be moved by rail, but are 'red-carded' at the mo, due to the maintenance contract with Marcroft ending.

    They shouldn't have even been shunted out into the station the other month (think there was a photo in the Railway Magazine).

  • brian fox

    8 September 2009, 15:48:33

    ive heard that they're in york works

  • Splosh

    8 September 2009, 19:18:24

    They'd better not be! The main reason that NR are getting rid is that they make the place look untidy - that and the fact that they haven't been used for about 5 years since the MPV's / SRS lorries came on-stream.

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