Photo of 975797 at Heaton ECD yard

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  • 975797 - CE Staff & Dormitory coach

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  • Heaton ECD yard
  • 12 July 2003
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    26 July 2003, 19:34:15

    Yet another useful rail vehicle going to waste - I wonder if they would be prepared to sell it?!


    30 July 2003, 16:06:10

    This coach retained all but one of its compartment bulkheads and the toilet compartments existed but were stripped out.would have been an easy coach to restore as it was basically complete by departmental standards.

  • Andy Dickinson

    23 November 2004, 21:21:45

    This vehicle was scrapped onsite at the same time as 975071 (also at Heaton ECD) as the latter vehicle was attacked by the locals and set on fire in early summer 2004 causing serious actual bodily harm that finally proved to be fatal. 975071 was a surviving example of a very early Mk1 - c. June 1951? - and Mk1 production only started in January 1951. Another bit of railway history that has gone for good

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